Posts From December, 2018

The Link between Weight And Breast Cancer

By emily.blumkin
December 28, 2018

It is known within the medical community that there is a link between body weight and breast cancer risk for middle-aged or post-menopausal women. Generally, the higher a woman’s Body Mass Index (BMI), the higher her risk for developing breast cancer is. However, new studies are now showing that there may be an association between ... read more

Fetal Assessment in the 21st Century

By Ariel
December 20, 2018

Fetal Assessment in the 21st Century Fetal-Assessment-in-the-21st-Century View full article here:

Fetal Surveillance Services

By emily.blumkin
December 19, 2018

Fetal surveillance, non-stress (NST), biophysical profile tests (BPP), modified BPP and fetal Doppler ultrasound testing, are available at all Garden OB/GYN Centers to ensure the well-being of your unborn baby and to determine that enough oxygen is being delivered through the placenta. The testing is often started after 36 weeks of gestation, but may be ... read more