The Garden OB/GYN Difference

Garden OB/GYN is not like the other offices. We offer our patients so much more through our way of practicing medicine.

Our premature birth rate is lower than the national average

  • We believe that the key to a favorable pregnancy outcome is routine monitoring for fetal and maternal well being.

We have created guidelines which create favorable patient outcomes

  • It is possible for mothers with a history of preterm birth to carry a pregnancy full term.
  • It is possible to assess a patient thoroughly with infertility and there is hope for patients to conceive without having to resort to IVF treatments – we try all possible options.

We can detect changes / problems before it is too late

  • With an annual sonogram we can detect changes early such as cancer.
  • With an annual sonogram we have the ability to find changes which may pose complications for conception for a patient's future and we can help solve the findings before it becomes a problem. (ex. Bicornuate uterus, presence of uterine septum, etc.)
  • Close monitoring of pregnancy and routine Doppler studies reassure that the baby is well – when Dopplers are abnormal, we opt to further investigate and likely deliver they baby so that it does not result in a stillborn.

Patients can be assured most of their assessments can be done in house

  • Patients do not need to resort to outside facilities to complete general checkups. (eg. Bloodwork, sonograms, IUI, UDT, etc.)

Simple ambulatory procedures performed in our ambulatory surgical center

  • No need to wait for hospital availability.

Co-managed care for obstetrical patients

  • Our OB/GYN doctors work together with our Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) Specialist.