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Welcome to Garden OB/GYN in Queens, NY. Home to thousands of local women in the greater New York City area that receive premium care from our preeminent, board-certified providers. Individualized care and a personalized approach is just one phone call or form submission away. We offer same-day appointments in our state-of-the-art facility located in Rego Park. Speak with our obgyn in queens to receive high-level care immediately. Choose your preferred provider as your primary gynecologist in queens. Utilize our simple booking system to get started with us. Tap the click to call button or book online through our calendar and choose the time that fits your schedule.


Choose The Best Gynecologist Queens NY

Gyn doctor in queensExperience the comprehensive list of obstetrics and gynecology services we have to offer. Throughout the past decade, we've established a standard of remarkable patience, empathy and compassion for each of our patients. Receive the expert care that you are looking for your gyno in queens. During each appointment, our providers take the time to listen to your needs, requests and concerns. An in-depth diagnosis and world-class treatment are available to you.

We also now offer the full advantage of telehealth services. Receive high level care from the comfort and safety of your current location. Consult with the obgyn queens ny specialists of Garden OB/GYN today.

What are some of the services that can be provided?

  • Gynecologist in QueensAnnual Exam
  • New pregnancy visit
  • Pregnancy visit
  • Post partum
  • Gynecological consult
  • Pap smear test
  • Birth control refill and/or consult
  • Medication consult
  • UTI
  • Menstrual Pain
  • Irregular Menstruation
  • Vaginitis
  • Illness
  • Breast pain

If you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms or believe you might have a specific obstetric or gynecological condition, schedule an obgyn consultation with the best gynecologist in queens. Your safety, health and peace of mind are extremely valuable to us. Our practice provides new and existing patients with a seamless process to book their consultation, as well same-day appointments. We are available seven days a week to allow you to get the immediate obgyn care. Our clinicians demonstrate a detail oriented and solution based approach for all. Take full advantage of our flexible scheduling options and get started with us today.


Service Areas


Obstetrics- Decades of research, led by our medical director, Dr. Michael Terrani, has helped produce the best pregnancy outcomes possible for thousands of oru patients. Our statistics have shown excellent results with thousands of babies delivered annually. Through patience and empathy, we can assure you that you are choosing top-of-the-line obstetrics and gynecology in queens ny. Choose us as your pregnancy doctor specialists near you.

Ultrasound- Get proper diagnosis throughout the journey of your pregnancy with Garden OB/GYN. 3d/4d ultrasound and sonogram queens ny is available at your convenience at our facility in Rego Park. Advanced pregnancy monitoring is available to promote the health of your baby. Give us a phone call and speak with our friendly staff to learn more.

Family Planning:

Fertility - There are common causes that can potentially lead to fertility issues; including endometriosis, uterine fibroids, uterine abnormalities, blocked fallopian tubes, pelvic inflammatory disease. Going through the infertility process here with the best obgyn in queens ny will be to your ultimate benefit. Gain direct access to a practice that is dedicated to high performance and quality patient care, our fertility patients are in an environment that is extremely safe and comfortable! Come into one of our offices for your visit! We take the time to listen, educate and empower each and every single patient and will always be available to you.

Egg Freezing- We are pleased to announce that we now have fertility preservation methods that can suit your long term needs. Taking advantage of egg freezing services will allow you to have the ability to get pregnant in the future. Our egg freezing services are proven to be effective solutions for family planning. Choose the booking method of your preference to consult with our providers and evaluate if egg freezing is a viable option for you.

Genetic Testing- Answering your frequently asked genetic health questions during your pregnancy is made simple through our various genetic tests. Some of the tests that we offer include Chorionic Villus Sampling, Amniocentesis, Reveal SNP Microarray, BRCAssure and VistaSeq. Ultrasound imaging and blood tests are done in house. We ensure that you and your baby are completely safe and secure throughout each of the tests we provide. To learn more, speak with our friendly staff!

Termination Services: Receive a private consultation that will help you identify your best options for moving forward. We will work with your personal and families needs in a comfortable, safe and judgement-free environment.


Minimally Invasive Procedures- We offer a number of minimally invasive procedures for common conditions like Ovarian cysts, Uterine fibroids, Uterine polyps, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Pelvic adhesions and more. Receive the best solutions for your condition at Garden OB/GYN. Get proper diagnosis and an in-depth overview of your procedure.! Our patients benefit from fast recovery time, less pain, minimal scarring, and lower risk of infection with procedures with Garden OB/GYN! Take control of your situation today.


Well Woman Exam- Come get your annual gynecological check up at Garden OB/GYN Queens, New York. A number of exams are available including pap smear queens, pelvic exams, breast exams, blood pressure checks, BMI calculations and more. Over 15 years of high performance in the field has given us the pleasure of helping thousands of women stay on top of their female health. Are you ready to get started with your annual check up?

Cancer Screening- Our offices offer exceptional cancer screening and diagnosis services. We can help you take a proactive approach to preventing and detecting cervical cancer, breast cancer, ovarian and endometrial cancer, vaginal and vulvar cancers. We encourage you to take advantage of our preventative care solutions, which we offer seven days a week for your ultimate benefit. Come into our office to see our specialists.

Gynecologist Forest Hills

Birth Control- We offer a myriad of contraceptive solutions that have extremely high levels of effectiveness. Our providers take a custom and individualized approach as it pertains to you and your needs. Offering you the options of include Tubal ligation, Intrauterine device (IUD) Nexplanon (hormone-containing implant), Depo-Provera® (hormone injection), NuvaRing® (hormone-containing vaginal ring), Birth control pills and patches.

STD- Looking for std testing near Queens, New York? If you suspect you may have a UTI or STD because you are experiencing some of the common symptoms, we highly suggest you leverage our quick testing services. Our in-house lab services streamline the process and time it takes for you to come in for the appointment and get your results. Once results are determined, our expert gyn providers will help treat you, if needed, and educate on how to protect your sexual health moving forward.

Menopause treatment- Get a detailed analysis of the common menopausal symptoms you may be experiencing. Whether it's hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, decreased sex drive, difficulty concentrating or urinary incontinence, it is important to get the best help available as soon as possible. This is why we make same day solutions available to you. We will customize a plan and offer you treatment options that will help alleviate your uncomfortable menopausal symptoms.

Urogynecology: Choose the reliable urogynecologist near you that provides accurate diagnosis and the best treatment for urogynecological disorders that relate to your pelvic organs and bladder. Receive the expert treatment you need with added convenience.

Cysts: Common symptoms of cysts can include pelvic pain, abdominal pressure, bloating, painful intercourse, pain during your period, unusual menstrual bleeding and lower back pain. Take a hands-on approach to get the help you need in finding the cure for your cyst pain immediately. Our doctors can help diagnose the signs and symptoms of cysts, which can help benefit your long-term health and prevent any further potential cyst growth.

Endometriosis: Choosing an expert endometriosis doctor queens at the first sign of symptoms is very important for your long term health and can help prevent complications that could cause infertility. Typical symptoms are as follows: Pelvic pain, Pain during intercourse, Painful menstrual periods, Pain in the week before your period, Pain when you urinate or Pain when you have a bowel movement.

gyn in queens nyFibroids: Uterine fibroid occur when abnormal growths in the uterine wall emerge. Taking action for immediate treatment can help prevent complications such as infertility. Some common symptoms that may indicate you have a fibroid include constant feeling of fullness, pain during intercourse, pelvic pain or pressure, lower back pain or frequent urination is important although you may be asymptomatic. Usual treatment methods are Gonadotropin, BHRT and Birth Control pills or IUD. In the case of severe enlargement of uterine fibroids, minimally invasive procedures offered by Garden OBGYN could be a viable treatment option.

Prolapse: Throughout the aging process, uterine prolapse, or may occur. Prolapse occurs with the pelvic floor muscles weaken and can no longer support your uterus. If you experience vaginal looseness during intercourse, heavy or pulling sensation in your pelvis, tissue protruding from your vagina, difficulty passing bowel movements or bladder leakage, you may be experiencing uterine prolapse. Decreased estrogen levels, weight gain, prior surgeries and chronic constipation are potential contributors to uterine prolapse. Get the treatment you need here at your queens gynecologist.

Pelvic Pain: There may be a number of conditions that contribute to your pelvic pain. These include endometriosis, uterine fibroids, cysts and pelvic inflammatory disease. Regardless of the condition you have, getting a proper, in-depth assessment will empower and help you moving forward. Garden OB/GYN clinicians are trained to diagnose and treat pelvic pain.

If you are looking for an obgyn near me or gynecologist near me and are located in Queens, New York, inquire now to become a Garden OB/GYN patient. Our easy booking process allows you to book an appointment same-day, or whenever it is most convenient for you. Simply look for the book online button at the top of our website. Speak with our team today and get started now.


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