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Increased Access from Home with Virtual Visits - With Garden OB/GYN's Virtual Visits, you can consult with your Garden OB/GYN healthcare provider from anywhere.

Virtual Visits



What are Virtual Visits?

Virtual Visits, a common telehealth method, enable you to speak with your doctor or healthcare provider from the convenience of your home, office, car, or anywhere! With our Virtual Visits, you can now schedule an appointment to talk with a Garden OB/GYN Gynecologist or Obstetrician on a phone or video call using your digital communication device (cell phone, tablet device or computer). Garden OB/GYN women’s health care is now accessible no matter where you are or live - you can now consult with our expert doctors and providers whether or not you are in Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, New York, traveling, or reside out-of-state. 

How Do Virtual Visits Work?

A Virtual Visit is similar to a normal office visit, in that you will be able to consult with a Garden OB/GYN healthcare provider. During your designated telemedicine appointment time, your Garden OB/GYN virtual provider will contact you through the agreed upon communication platform.  During the video call you will be able to ask about your medical questions, concerns and symptoms. Your provider can provide you with a diagnosis and medical advice, recommend treatment, prescribe medication and even send it into your pharmacy electronically. 

Is a Virtual Visit Covered By My Insurance?

In light of the current pandemic, most commercial and medicare health insurance plans cover telehealth appointments, including our Virtual Visits. Our patient care representative will discuss your insurance coverage and billing details (including copayments and deductibles) when they contact you to confirm your virtual appointment. 

How to Schedule a Virtual Visit:

You may request a virtual appointment either online or by phone. To book online, simply request a virtual appointment using our virtual appointment request form. A patient care representative will then be in contact with you to confirm your virtual visit. You may also call to schedule this appointment with a patient care representative. 

After scheduling the appointment, you will receive instructions on how to connect to the Virtual Visit. 



How to Access Virtual Visit:

Virtual Visits are accessed through Apple FaceTime and WhatsApp video chat.

Who Can Schedule a Virtual Visit: 

Virtual Visits are available for all of our patients for questions, concerns, and conditions that are not severe (birth control refills, health questions, etc.) Patients requiring a physical exam or that have a more severe condition are encouraged to still physically come into the office, which are still open and fully functioning with extra sanitation and safety measures in place. 

What Services Are Offered With a Virtual Visit: 

You can now be seen for the following symptoms, conditions and medical concerns:

  • Bith Control Refills
  • Birth Control Consultations
  • Other medicine consultations
  • Gynecological consultations & annual exams (that don't require physical examination)
  • Irregular Menstruation 
  • Lab result questions
  • Test result questions
  • PCOS
  • UTI
  • Menopause
  • Breast Pain
  • Vaginitis
  • Non-emergency, non-severe health questions & concerns
  • Follow-up care
  • Illness
  • ...and more



For information on Virtual Visits, Social Distancing and Covid-19 visit our Covid-19 Update page HERE.

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