What Are Ovarian Cysts?

By emily.blumkin
February 5, 2019

If you have questions about Ovarian Cysts, our expert practitioner, Dr. Sandra Curet has information to help explain what Ovarian Cysts are:

Ovarian cysts are fluid -filled sacks developed in the ovary.  They occur in women of all ages. Some women experience symptoms like pain or pelvic pressure while others have no symptoms. Usually they do not cause irregular menstrual cycles. Fortunately most ovarian cysts do not require removal by surgery or caused by cancer.  They may be detected during a pelvic exam and a confirmatory test with imaging sturdies like a pelvic ultrasound is necessary.  Other tests like CT scan, MRI and blood test may be used to provide additional information regarding the nature of the cysts and treatment recommendations.
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