Are You Experiencing Painful Intercourse?

This past week, the weekly Garden OB/GYN clinicians' meeting was centered around treatment for Dyspareunia, more commonly known as painful intercourse.

Are You Experiencing Painful Intercourse?

Dyspareunia is often diagnosed when a woman experiences pain before or during intercourse, including burning and aching sensations, entry pain during penetration, deep vaginal pain during intercourse, pain with tampon use, or throbbing pain after intercourse. 

Dyspareunia can be caused by a number of factors including but not limited to, insufficient lubrication, an infection, vaginal muscle spasms, other medical conditions like endometriosis, and other medical treatments. 

Many women experience dyspareunia for a variety of reasons, but such pain is not normal nor is something that women necessarily need to live with. If you are experiencing pain before, during or after intercourse, we urge you to schedule an appointment with your OB/GYN healthcare professional so that the cause can be identified so that you can find the treatment type best for you. 

Our clinicians are not only trained on the latest treatments for dyspareunia but are also experts in identifying the most effective course of treatment for each individual patient. If you are experiencing painful intercourse or other symptoms, book an appointment with Garden OB\GYN today! 

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