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How can I get Pap Smear Services in NYC, Queens, and Long Island?

Pap Smear is life-saving preventative measure to prevent cervical cancer. We offer this service at our location in NYC, Queens, and Long Island.

Pap Smear Services: Garden OB/GYN
Pap Smear is a quick procedure to examine the tissue within the cervix that other types of imaging cannot provide.

What is a Pap Smear and how can I get it in NYC, Queens, and Long Island?

A Pap Smear is a type of exam which is used to detect cancers of the cervix and other conditions. It is used as a screening tool and for diagnosis. We offer this service in NYC, Queens, and Long Island.

Cervical Cancer screening is strongly recommended based on family history or age

  • Age
  • Sexual Activity
  • Other factors

Ideally, you should schedule an annual preventive care exam at NYC, Queens, and Long Island, known as a well-woman exam. If you have chronic conditions, like polyps or endometriosis, your gynecologist may want to see you more regularly.

When Should I Get a Pap Smear in NYC, Queens, and Long Island?

You should get your Pap Smear every year. If you have a family history of cervical cancer and are sexually active, you should get a Pap Smear once a year or as recommended by your provider.

How Do I Prepare for a Pap Smear in NYC, Queens, and Long Island?

There are a few things you can do to prepare for your Pap Smear at Garden OB/GYN, just to ensure you get the most out of your visit and to help your doctor better understand your health.

It’s helpful to:

  • Reschedule if you got your period
  • Not make an appointment during the time you anticipate to menstruate.

If you’re due for a Pap smear, try to schedule your appointment on a day when you’re not on your period because menstrual flow could affect your results. Or if you need a blood draw, you might need to fast for several hours beforehand, but you can ask the caring team at Garden OB/GYN ahead of time if this applies to you.

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