Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

At Garden OB/GYN we care about more than just our patients’ Ob/Gyn needs, we are also dedicated to our patients’ overall health. Therefore this week’s health tip is related to sleep and overall well-being. 

Did you know that studies have found a link between sleep and life satisfaction? Not getting enough quality sleep has been correlated with lower ratings of life satisfaction and poorer mental well-being. For instance, less sleep is associated with more worry, anxiety, and neuroticism. Being more mindful of your sleep habits may help improve your overall health and happiness. 

The National Sleep Foundation recommends 8-10 hours of sleep for teenagers (aged 14-17), 7-9 hours of sleep for young adults (aged 18-25) and adults aged (26-64). Adults over the age of 65 may need only 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

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