Debating Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine?

If you're still debating whether or not you should get the Covid-19 Vaccine here are some facts on why you should.

Debating Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine?

There are a few reasons why the CDC and Garden OBGYN encourage you to get the vaccine:


  • To reduce your chances of contracting the Covid-19 disease
  • Helps keep you from getting seriously ill if you do contract Covid-19
  • To protect those around you
  • To reduce and stop the spread


As of April 27th, 2021 the CDC had changed their regulations to allow that fully vaccinated people can do the following:


  • Interact with other fully vaccinated people in an outdoor setting without the use of mask or social distancing
  • Visit low risk unvaccinated households
  • Continue domestic travel without the need of Covid-19 testing beforehand
  • Participate in outdoor activities without need of a mask
  • Refrain from testing, or quarantining once being exposed to Covid-19


Luckily we have opened a brand-new facility dedicated to vaccinating our patients, including pregnant women, and anyone eligible to receive the vaccine in the greater New York area. Our new facility is located at 3333 New Hyde Park Road, Suite 414, New Hyde Park, NY 11042 and will be administering vaccines Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday between the hours of 10:00am and 7:00pm. 


We will be administering the Moderna vaccine which has proven to be 94.1% effective. If you’d like to be contacted to schedule your vaccine appointment you can fill out the form on our website under Request Covid Vaccine or call our office at 516-663-6400. 



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