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Hot off the Press! Casey-Ann Collen is in BELLA Magazine!

Garden OBGYN is happy to announce that one of our hard working nurses has been named Top Nurse by the International Nurses Association and was featured in BELLA Magazine in an article where she gives insight on vaginal health. This nurse is our very own 


Casey-Ann Collins RN, MSN, FNP-C! 


In an article titled, “Scents ‘down there,’” Casey-Ann dives head first into a subject most women dread talking about. Most women are concerned about the way their vagina smells, especially when it is an “unpleasant” type of odor. In the article, Casey-Ann explains how your pH, hormones, medications, stress level, diet, and lifestyle all affect your vagina and it’s scent.

Casey-Ann discusses the numerous supply of washes and products that are out on the market that claim to help you, but can actually be harming the pH of your vagina. She explains that in most cases, vaginal odors were reported to worsen when various feminine washes were used. Casey-Ann states, “However, studies have shown that just using plain water, in addition to practicing good hygiene is enough to prevent unwanted odors.”

At the end of the day, we’re all human and we, as women, are not going to smell like flowers 24/7. We all have different lifestyles, bodies, and smells which is 100% normal! Casey-Ann and the Garden OB/GYN team encourage you to maintain a clean diet, stay hydrated, incorporate probiotics, practice good personal and sexual hygiene, and come in for your annual well-woman exam in order to practice good vaginal health.

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