Massapequa Office Staff Team Bonding Night

Family and teamwork is highly valued in our practice. Comprehensive, cohesive patient care starts with our staff!

Our Garden OB/GYN Massapequa team took part in a Team Building & Bonding Bowling night in Babylon this past Thursday.

The two office providers were selected as the capitalina and teams were chosen by putting all the names in a hat and captains randomly pulled names to select their players.

PA Victoria was one captain. Her team consisted of Paige, Kristen, Jennifer, Katrina and Krystal. PA Pam was the second team captain. Her team was Sydney,Britney, Trisha, Shakira, and Dana. Pam’s team won both times! The first game Pam’s team had a total score of 550 and Victoria’s team had 508. The second game, Victoria’s team had 440 points and Pam team scored 554.

The staff enjoyed pizza, wings, mozzarella sticks and of course drinks! They reported it was great to hang out with each other outside the office.

The Massapequa will be participating in consistent team bonding events to work on teamwork skills. This upcoming November they will be taking part in an escape room activity!

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