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Now Offering COVID-19 Nasal Swab & Antibody Testing

To help keep our patients and community safe, we are happy to announce that we now are offering both COVID-19 nasal testing as well as antibody blood testing to our patients.⁣

What is COVID-19 nasal testing?

The nasal tests is a method to accurately diagnose cases of the novel coronavirus. During this test, a long swab is inserted and rotated in each side of the nose for about 15 seconds each to collect enough material. The swab is then put into a container and sent to a lab for testing and diagnosing. 

What is COVID-19 antibody testing?

Antibody testing identifies if a patient possibly has immunity to COVID-19 because they already had exposure to the disease in the past. This can be true for someone who was ill and recovered, or for someone who was an asymptomatic carrier (they had the virus, but didn't experience any symptoms). ⁣During antibody testing, some blood is drawn from the patient and collected. It is then sent to a lab to test for igM or igG antibodies. 

Where can I get tested?

If you think you may have been exposed to coronavirus and want to see if you are currently infected or have been infected in the past, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to get tested in one of our Manhattan, Queens or Long Island facilities. 

Our nine offices in Midtown West, the Upper East Side, Forest Hills, Fresh Meadows, Garden City, Lake Success, Commack and Massapequa are now all offering novel coronavirus nasal swab and antibody testing.


Book a COVID-19 office visit online or by calling our office.


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