September Is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: Risk Factors

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, throughout the month we will be sharing vital information that will help you stay informed about this cancer type.

To kickoff this month’s discussion, we are sharing the common risk factors for developing epithelial ovarian cancer. If you have one or a few of the below factors, it only means you may have a higher chance of developing ovarian cancer, but it does not guarantee that you will actually develop the disease. Therefore, taking preventative measures and engaging in regular diagnostic practices will help reduce your risk of developing the disease and/or will make it more likely that the disease will be caught in an early stage, which is easier to treat.

Common risk factors for ovarian cancer include a woman's:

For more detailed information about Ovarian Cancer and its risk factors, consult one of our Garden OB/GYN Cancer Specialists.

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