Specialized Infertility Treatments

If you are facing fertility issues, we know it can be an emotional and difficult process to face. That’s why Garden OB/GYN is here to help. Our practice offers specialist doctors, as well as treatments that are specific and personalized for each patient’s circumstance. Garden OB/GYN specializes in helping our patients overcome their fertility issues.


Infertility Assessment Tests

For women, fertility depends on her body’s ability to produce healthy eggs from the ovaries. Many infertility assessment tests check to see if any of the organs in the female reproductive process are impaired (I.e. ovaries, Fallopian tube, uterus, egg health, etc.).

Infertility assessment tests include tests of hormone levels to see if a patient is ovulating, hormone tests to check levels of the hormones and glands involved in reproduction, imaging tests to physically assess the reproductive system, tests to identify the health and quantity of a patient’s eggs, as well as more invasive tests that internally view reproductive organs to assess abnormalities. 

Personalized Consultations

Garden OB/GYN provides specialized attention to each patient to determine the best testing and treatment methods for your body and situation. If you’re facing fertility issues, schedule an appointment with us for a personalized consult.



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