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Have you noticed that the look and feel of our website has changed? We pride ourselves in delivering excellent patient care, including making your digital experience with us seamless. Our new website offers all of the same features as before, but now in a more easy-to-use way. Through our new website you can:

 With these features you have Garden OB/GYN at your fingertips!

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New COVID-19 Protocol at Affiliated Hospitals

If you are planning to deliver a baby at Katz Women’s Hospital or a LIJ Hospital, you can visit our office to get a COVID-19 test or vaccine. To help our patients and communities stay safe, Garden OB/GYN is offering COVID-19 testing & vaccines.

Afraid of Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

Let’s face it, body image issues are not uncommon for women, but further compounded for pregnant women. Your body is changing at a fast pace and you might be asking yourself - just how much weight during my pregnancy should I expect?