Types Of Breast Cancer Testing

You’ve probably heard about the importance of breast cancer testing and screening to promote your personal women’s wellness, but it’s likely that you’re unsure of exactly what each type of test is for? Luckily we have the explanations for you! Here is a description of the common types of breast cancer testing and what they are used for:

Screening Tests:
Performed on “healthy” individuals as a preventative measure and a way to detect if anything is abnormal. This is usually conducted to confirm if a women is cancer-free or to detect breast cancer in its early stages. Screening tests help in early detection of breast cancer, before an individual shows symptoms. The earlier the breast cancer is detected, the easier it is to treat.
Types of screening tests: Mammogram, MRI, Physical Exam

Detection Tests:
These tests are conducted when it is possible that an individual may have breast cancer. If breast cancer is suspected, this type of test is used to confirm if breast cancer is present or not. A Diagnostic or detection test is usually conducted following a screening test, depending on the results or if an individual has potential breast cancer symptoms. This type of test can also provide information about the nature of the cancer to inform the treatment regiment.
Types of detection tests: Biopsies

Monitoring Tests:
Monitoring tests are used to manage breast cancer once it is detected. These exams are used to assess how effective different treatments are during and after cancer therapies are initiated.

If you suspect you may have one of these conditions, the next time you are with your women’s health clinician make sure to ask them to schedule a screening for you!


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