What are the necessary steps needed to become pregnant?

How does a woman get pregnant? 
When sperm mixes with other fluids to make semen, which comes out of the penis during ejaculation. Millions of sperm actually come out every time you ejaculate, but it only takes 1 sperm cell to meet with an egg for pregnancy to occur. It typically takes a half hour for fast-swimming sperm to reach the egg. Eggs live in the ovaries, and your hormones that control the menstrual cycle cause a few eggs to mature every month. When the egg is mature, it is ready to be fertilized by the sperm cell.  Your  hormones then make the lining of the uterus thick and spongy, therefore getting your body ready for pregnancy. 
What are some early pregnancy symptoms? 
Many women notice symptons early on in their pregnancy, but some women may have no symptoms at all. 
Some symptoms and signs of pregnancy include:
      How long is a typical pregnancy? 



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