When to start seeing the gynecologist

How to determine if you should be seeing a gynecologist and what to expect during your first visit.

When to start seeing the gynecologist

When should I start seeing the Gynecologist?

There is no set date and time of when a teenager should start seeing a gynecologist, some say that you should start going once you’re sexually active. Taking care of your gynecological health should start prior to becoming sexually active and should start between the ages of 13 and 15. Gynecological health starts shifting from your pediatrician to a gynecologist at the age of 9 when vaccination for HPV is discussed, once puberty starts and a teenager may experience her first period even if it is prior to the age of 13 as everyone’s journey is different.


What does the first visit consist of?

 The first visit at the gynecologist usually consists of a meet-and-greet where teens have the opportunity to get to know their provider and discuss any concerns, vaginal health and safety, and safe sex practices. Cervical cancer screening starts at the age of 21 so if you’re younger than 21-years-old your exam will consist of a breast exam as well as an external and internal vaginal examination. If the patient at hand is sexually active or has any other concerns, an STD or Hormone panel can be drawn if needed or requested. Our providers here at Garden OBGYN will take the time to talk to you about what to expect throughout the exam and will talk you through the whole thing. Once a woman reaches the age of 21 cervical cancer screenings are considered and a pap-smear is performed annually or bi-annually depending on each patient. At Garden OBGYN we include a sonogram as part of the annual exam so we can have a time-stamp and base-level of where your reproductive health is at and will continue to monitor it throughout the years. 


If you or someone you know hasn’t started their gynecological health journey it is so important to start as soon as possible. With nine offices fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, compassionate staff, and early and late-night availability we are able to accommodate you and look forward to serving any of your gynecological needs.

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