Skin Rejuvenation

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For younger, healthier looking skin, consider your skin rejuvenation options at Garden OB/GYN in Midtown West, the Upper East Side, and the Upper West Side of Manhattan, as well as Forest Hills, Garden City, Lake Success, Massapequa, Commack, and Cedarhurst, New York. The InMode Fractora laser can provide improvements in complexion, skin irregularities and blemishes, appearance of scars, and aging skin. Schedule an appointment today with the experienced team of professionals at Garden OB/GYN.

Skin Rejuvination
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What Can Skin Rejuvenation Services Provide?

Skin rejuvenation refers to tactics that rejuvenate the skin, making it look younger with a healthy glow. As we age, the skin becomes less elastic and can accumulate a variety of blemishes and scars that range in severity.

Problems that skin rejuvenation addresses include:

  • Wrinkles and lines
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Irregularities in the skin
  • Blemishes

The Garden OB/GYN practice uses the latest technologies, such as laser tools, to help you get the skin you want without surgery or painful procedures. These advanced skin rejuvenation techniques may be the right step forward for you. Call Garden OB/GYN today to start the process of rejuvenating your skin.

Skin Rejuvination

What is the InMode Fractora?

The InMode Fractora is a device that provides great results in just a few treatment sessions — sometimes only one. This laser technology combines fractional coagulation and ablation with heating through the device's tips that address different depths and densities on the skin.

The fractionated radiofrequency energy that Fractora uses is minimally invasive, and it employs a matrix of micro-pins to restore the skin. There is almost no downtime associated with this procedure, but some redness and micro-lesions may occur. It's suggested that you refrain from using makeup for a day or two after having the treatment.

Skin Rejuvination

What Areas of Skin Does the Laser Address?

The InMode Fractora laser can be used on a variety of problem skin areas. Popular target areas are the lower and upper eyelid, smile lines, the forehead, cheeks, mouth, and neck. But any area that has blemishes, acne scars, or wrinkles can be treated with the laser.

Your provider at Garden OB/GYN can tell you if the area you'd like to target can be improved with the InMode Fractora laser. Call Garden OB/GYN today to book your initial consultation.

Skin Rejuvination

How Many Treatments Do You Need?

The number of treatments necessary will depend on the type of issues you're addressing. However, most people have between one and six treatment sessions for the best results. Improvements will often be noticeable after your first session.

Always make sure to discuss all of your concerns thoroughly with the experienced professionals at Garden OB/GYN in New York. To schedule an appointment for skin rejuvenation services, you can call the practice or schedule online.

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